Kubota is a Japanese manufacturer of tractors and other agricultural machinery, mini excavators and mini loaders, lawn mowers, generators, construction machinery, diesel and petrol engines, pumps and equipment for water treatment, wastewater treatment and air conditioning.

We offer a full range of spare parts for KUBOTA special equipment

Hydraulic spare parts KUBOTA: pilot (gear) pumps, main hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders-arms, transmission hydraulic pumps and steering, hydraulic cylinders lift and tilt, hydraulic cylinders boom KUBOTA, valves, hydraulic cylinders bucket, hydraulic motors KUBOTA, hydraulic control valves, piston pumps, hydraulic rotation motors, hydraulic valves, valves, hydraulic travel motors.

Transmission parts KUBOTA: friction plates gimbals, brake drums onboard reducer, bushings KUBOTA, gears, gears KUBOTA, shafts, hoses, pins, linchpins, studs, brake discs, brake pads, crosses KUBOTA, shock absorbers, gearbox repair kits, GTR, bearings, silent blocks, cables.

KUBOTA engine parts: crankshaft speed sensor, fuel racks,- piston groups, housing, block heads, camshafts and crankshafts, liners, main liners, connecting rod liners, intake and exhaust valves, seats, springs, glands, fuel pumps, atomisers, KUBOTA nozzle pump, bodies, kits, valve bushing, valve guide, camshaft bushing, cylinder liner, KUBOTA air cleaner indicator, exhaust valve, piston ring, flywheel assembly, exhaust valve guide, KUBOTA piston pin, engine piston.

KUBOTA engine spares: Tensioner parts, upper rollers, chains, support rollers, tracks, track, track with single track, tracks with track blades, KUBOTA front drive wheels, rollers, upper rollers, single track rollers, double track rollers, drive sprockets, tensioner parts, KUBOTA segment group, complete tracks.

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