Tigercat is a Canadian company specialising in the design and manufacture of premium forestry equipment and specialist off-road industrial equipment. A customer-focused company with strong engineering capabilities, Tigercat is dedicated to the development and continuous improvement of forestry and off-road equipment.

Tigercat logging systems deliver the lowest production costs per tonne by optimising efficiency, productivity, operator ergonomics, environmental impact, machine availability and service life. The Tigercat logging product line includes both longitudinal and cross-cutting (CTL) systems. Tigercat offers a wide range of feller bunchers, skidders, loaders, loggers, harvesters, forwarders and felling equipment.

TIGERCAT equipment is well known for its structural integrity, long service life and ability to withstand the extreme stresses associated with constant forestry work.

Despite their high reliability and long service life, TigerCat machines are sometimes in need of repair and regular maintenance. Our company offers you original and non-original spare parts and parts, as well as attachments for TigerCat forestry machines and off-road vehicles.

We ship direct from the manufacturer or from dealers all over the world, even to New Zealand and Australia. From warehouses in Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia. You’ll find all repair and service parts you need in our range:

  • Tigercat feller bunchers;
  • Tigercat logging tractors;
  • Tigercat loaders;
  • Tigercat loggers;
  • Tigercat harvesters;
  • Tigercat loggers;
  • Tigercat forwarders;
  • Tigercat harvesting systems;

If you require spare parts for Tigercat forestry equipment, please use our quotation request form to send us an enquiry for spare parts, quoting part names and original part numbers. Please also state whether you require only original Tigercat spare parts or whether we can offer aftermarket Tigercat spare parts, with guaranteed quality. In the same request please specify your delivery address, name and contact details. After your request is processed, our manager will contact you within 24 hours to clarify all details of your request.

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