Sany has surpassed JCB to become the world’s largest seller of excavators in 2020

Indian heavy equipment and excavator maker Sany managed to sell 98,705 excavators worldwide last year, accounting for 15% of the global market.

Indian construction equipment and heavy equipment maker Sany surpassed big brands such as Caterpillar and JCB to become the world’s largest seller of excavators in 2020. According to the company’s official release, Sany sold 98,705 excavators worldwide in 2020. registering 15% global market share.

In India, Sany is at the helm in the crane and pile-driving segments. Over the years, Sany has expanded its product range from 3 excavator models in 2014 to the 26 models offered today in India. The Pune-based company offers products capable of handling from 2 to 80 tons. In addition to manufacturing excavators, the company is involved in heavy equipment, mining equipment and renewable energy.

Commenting on the achievement, Deepak Garg, managing director of Sany India and South Asia, said: “Indeed, this is a proud moment for all of us. After all the challenges and struggles, the milestone that Sany has achieved on the global platform deserves all the credit. We would like to thank our customers for their immense faith in our brand and for making Sany the No. 1 excavator brand in the world. This achievement is a clear testament to the strong bond with our customers that Sany has established over the years.”

“On this momentous occasion, I want to congratulate all of our employees for making this possible in the face of uncertainty. This achievement demonstrates Sany’s unwavering vision and commitment to its goals. It also encourages us to continue to add new technology to our future product portfolio and provide customers with the best construction equipment and heavy equipment solutions.”