excavator attachment

Excavator attachments, or what to pay attention to?

In the construction industry, an excavator is one of the most important machines, without which most of the work would not be possible. The high demand for excavators means that there are now many models and types of these machines on the market, as well as products from the category of excavator accessories. What can an excavator be equipped with and what to pay attention to when choosing? we suggest!

What is an excavator attachment?

An excavator is a machine that has been designed to perform the most complex earthworks. It is most often used when separating the excavated material from the ground, as well as when transporting the material to a landfill or other machine. Modern excavators can be divided into two basic groups depending on the nature of their work. There is a distinction between intermittent and continuous operation. Another division distinguishes backhoe excavators and backhoe excavators, as well as grab and scoop excavators. The group to which a given machine will be classified largely depends on the type of attachment it is equipped with.

Excavator attachments are additional elements that can be mounted on these machines, thus expanding their range of applications. On the market you can find, above all, a very large number of spoons used to perform various activities. The most popular excavator buckets include: openwork, trapezoidal and slope spoons. All of them differ in shape, size, additional elements, as well as the purpose itself. Among other products included in the group of accessories for the excavator, there are also asphalt cutters, forks, hydraulic hammers and compactors, mowers, mulchers and many others. The list of additional equipment for the excavator is really long, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with the manufacturers’ offers.

Types of equipment and its use

Choosing the right excavator attachment is extremely important. Depending on the conditions and circumstances in which our excavator will be used, some of the available products may be very useful to us, while others are practically not at all. When choosing equipment for an excavator, it is worth paying attention to the use of individual elements.

Excavator buckets are primarily used to pick up material and move it to another location. However, some of them may have slightly more specialized functions, such as grading buckets, which are used when leveling slopes. Hydraulic hammers, on the other hand, are great for demolition and demolition of buildings, preparing for the construction of various objects, as well as removing unnecessary elements on the construction site. The hydraulic compactor, as the name suggests, is used to compact the soil, while the asphalt cutter will be useful when removing the upper layers from the asphalt surface.