Which HAMM ice rinks were at bauma 2022

With swivel-balancing connection. Which HAMM ice rinks were at bauma 2022

The new flagship of the company, which replaced the DV + series, was the HX line – tandem road rollers with a ball-and-socket joint (weight – 7 or 9 tons).

The range includes machines with solid and split vibratory and oscillating rollers, as well as combined rollers. An automatic reverse device is built into the HX technique, which gently stops and accelerates the device. There is also a window in the cabin floor so that the operator can observe the rollers through it. Another option is an electric module that automatically rotates the driver’s seat in the direction of the roller.

The company will also present soil rollers of the NS series: their weight varies from 11 to 25 tons, and the power of power plants is from 85 to 160 kW. The manufacturer increased the centrifugal force at the rink by 15%, and also increased the comfort of the cabin: the interior space was increased by a third, the floor area was increased by 20%. The company plans to develop equipment for working on rocky ground and difficult terrain.

The 5-7 tonne compact roller segment has also undergone a change: the HC CompactLine has increased tractive power and increased inclination angle.

At the event, the manufacturer will also present eight electrified tandem rollers with lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 23 kWh. The performance characteristics of electric machines do not differ from diesel counterparts.