Kröger dump trucks with turntable steering

Kröger presents dump trucks with turntable steering

Kröger has placed the body of a central axle dump truck on a turntable chassis. This is said to bring some major benefits to agriculture.

At the customer’s request, Kröger has implemented a special dump truck with turntable steering. In this case, the structure of a central axle dump truck was placed on a turntable chassis.

According to the manufacturer, the combination of two types of vehicle now combines system advantages that a conventional tipper does not have. A major advantage of the weight-optimized turntable chassis is the option of uncoupling the vehicle with little effort and placing it at the edge of the field, for example. The vehicle can then be loaded while driving another trailer for unloading.

The turntable chassis has a significantly lower weight than the central axle chassis and is also cheaper to buy. One advantage of the body structure is the conical design. This means that tipping loads that are difficult to slide off, such as chicken manure, compost or silage, is not critical, explains Kröger.

The standard built-in hydraulic tailgate opens far beyond the heap. In the case of sensitive goods, such as table potatoes, pressure damage, which can be caused by a pendulum drop side, is avoided.

The vehicle is available as a two-axle or three-axle variant. As an option, side tipping can be selected in addition to rearward tipping. As with all agroliner vehicle types, numerous additional equipment such as side impact protection, tool box, catwalk, wide tires and much more can be added according to customer requirements. The chassis are fundamentally based on solid and durable high-speed technology.

Kröger dump trucks with turntable steering
The tipper combines a dump body with a turntable chassis