New hemp cutter from Sauerburger

New hemp cutter from Sauerburger

Sauerburger has developed a combination of a front double knife mower and a rear double knife mower for hemp harvesting.

Sauerburger is now offering a cutterbar for hemp fiber harvesting. This cutting unit is a combination of a front double knife mower in a lift and a rear double knife mower. This innovative machine combination is intended to facilitate the harvest of the lushly growing fiber hemp and achieve high performance.

Growing demand

After hemp received little attention in the last few decades, the demand for this versatile product is constantly increasing, Sauerburger explains its new development. More and more hemp-based products are being developed.

With the combination of front and rear mower, the short, fibrous crop is divided at the front, i.e. only the upper part of the crop is mowed, and finally the lower part at the rear. This dries faster and the more manageable stalks are easier to collect and transport, explains the manufacturer from Wasenweiler.

Sauerburger has developed a lift for the front mower so that the length of the two parts of the plant can be adjusted individually and precisely. The Bidux knife bars used with unequal blade pitch 70 / 84 mm Carbodux serrated knife blades are of high quality and guarantee a durable, clean cut and high quality of work.

New hemp cutter from Sauerburger

For hemp, the Sauerburger double knife mowers with 2.40 m, 2.75 m or 3.10 m working width are recommended in the front and rear. The transport width is 2 m, the weight is 420 kg, 440 kg and 460 kg in the front and 370 kg, 380 kg and 390 kg in the rear.

Low drive power

The double blade mowers are hydraulically driven and together require around 50 hp/ 37 kW drive power. A comprehensive standard scope of delivery and a number of options enable the customer to quickly find the right combination of hemp headers for his farm.