snow removal

Take out your shovels, the snow removal contract could be expensive

Due to the increase in the price of gasoline and the shortage of labour, snow removal companies are forced to increase their rates for the next winter season.

“What constitutes the price in snow removal is labour, the cost of equipment, fuel, and fixed annual costs,” explains Annie Roy, general manager of the Heavy Machinery Owners Association of Quebec. “All these costs are then divided by the number of people who have their snow cleared and that gives a cost of services.”

The increase affects several regions of Quebec where the bill has been increased by 20% to 40% more for the winter season.

“The cost of equipment has increased, but so has fuel,” explains Ms. Roy. “The consumer must ensure that they have a fuel clause.”

The fuel clause will allow the consumer to obtain a price based on the cost of fuel.

“If there is a significant increase or decrease, the snow removal contract will take this into account,” says Roy. “This clause could reduce the bill in the longer term.”

Ms. Roy explains this price increase by the labor shortage that particularly affects this sector.

“Snow removal is not sexy,” says Ms. Roy. “We therefore had to adjust the remuneration and we must guarantee hours and pay not according to the work, but on a stable basis.”